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Why choose our chunky organic merino yarn?

 Australian merinos live in extreme conditions – in the summer they suffer from 40°C degree heat, in summer they are exposed to frost below -20°C. They are one of the oldest species of sheep and have adapted to environment, producing wool with the best properties.

 Merino wool fiber is three times thinner than human hair, which makes it soft and delicate. Surface is covered with microtunnels that ensure a constant flow of air between us. Due to the fact that it is a layer that insulates against temperature, in summer clothes made of merino wool protects against heat. Covered with lanolin, wool transports humidity to the outside, staying dry and warm all the time. Lanolin also prevents the fabric of scab and dirt. It does not electrify and does not absorb odors.

Our wool is mulesing free, obtained with care for animal welfare. We are GOTS certified – wool is completely organic and biodegradable, dyed without chemicals. The GRS certificate ensures that our materials are recyclable.

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